Monday, July 23, 2007

New Posts

It's been a busy week. I went to Wrigley Field for the first time and I saw Barry Bonds hit two home runs, one of them left the park and landed on Sheffield Street. I also managed to visit beautiful Mongo Indiana yesterday and enjoyed a five hour kayak on the Pigeon River, upstream of Mongo.

Student blogs are busy!

Tia has a nice review of a WSJ article on film photography.

Angie has some interesting thoughts on SOX and institutional assessment.

Cory has an entry on how to manage employee stress.

Paul has posts on peer writing groups, and how to evaluate writing contests.

Matt has some comments on how Department stores are faring in the economy.

Nick has a post on reinsurance and global warming.

David has some information of jobs with the USDA.

Andy has two posts on recent Berkshire-Hathaway investment activity.

Jen's post on running a booth during the Three Rivers Festival was very enlightening!

Aimee is looking at the top 5 family-oriented businesses.

Mhariel has a post on Apple's I-phone and sustainability.

Paul's downtown blog broke the news on the sale of the Fort Wayne Holiday Inn before the Fort Wayne newspapers had it!

Irene has a post on the cost of running an Internet cafe in China.

Ashley has a post on historic electric cars.

Julie has an article on how to acknowledge a job offer when you're not quite ready to accept it.

And Kristin has a brief post on Gerber's organic line of baby food.


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