Monday, June 11, 2007

China and the Future

I just finished reading the new Kim Stanley Robinson novel, #3 in a trilogy on global warming. In it, China experiences an environmental catastrophe due to pollution caused by rapid industrialization. Irene's blog shows some examples of just that happening, with pictures she took during a recent visit to China.

Brian has some interesting things on the Fort Wayne Baseball Blog, including a copy the recent presentation given by the project's sponsors.

Mhariel has some interesting information on computers and the environment, and how third world countries are being used as disposal dumps for hazardous IT waste.

Heather has some interesting info on ROI on MBA degree programs.

Andy has some information on CEO compensation, and Warren Buffet's thoughts on the subject.

And Jen has some really good coverage of the way ATT is allowing people to telecommute, through its virtual office program

I will comment more later--people have been busy--now I need to catch up! That is a good thing!


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