Friday, June 15, 2007


Some of these blogs are getting very active!

Jen has an interesting post which shows the relationship between the wage gender gap and poverty rates.

Mhariel's blog is really opening my eyes on the illegal export of electronic waste. This is a huge environmental disaster in the making!

Irene has a cool link at You Tube showing fake merchandise in Chinese markets.

Brandon has some more great info on resumes and a funny yet educational cartoon on the interview process.

And speaking of interviews. Juliana has posted a number of interview questions you should be prepared to answer.

Kristin has provided a link to the Organic Valley website with recipes and coupons.

Matt has info on Macy' class action suit.

Paul has some neat info on another report genre the book ignores--the book proposal genre. I've taught this genre in my Document Production and Management class.

Cory has a nice detailed post on the intricacies of buying an existing business.

My reading? Jack McDevitt's Seeker won the Nebula Award this year. I decided to start reading this series by the writer, starting with The Engines of God. It nicely makes archaeology a science fiction theme.


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