Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to the Blogs!

A week in Burlington--didn't have time to see much of anything other than a restaurant or two. Still, being able to look east towards mountains and west over Lake Champlain was exciting. I miss that kind of scenery.

The blogs are getting exciting! Great visuals and great information in a lot of them. These are good reads.

This week really marks the halfway point of the course, so rededicate yourself to blogging and following the syllabus. Again, the secret to getting a good grade of the blog is to blog frequently (2-3 times per week), regularly (don't go long periods of time without blogging), and to blog seriously (give me some content, and flex your blogging muscles by using visuals and links).

Angie's blog asks a very good question about the cost/benefit relationship in Sarbanes-Oxley.

Tia personalizes the issue of job losses caused by digital photography killing the analog business. The story she tells is fascinating.

Tom has returned to his blog, and has some interesting thoughts on agribusiness careers. Great entry--give me more of them!

After a slow start, Alvin may be hitting his stride with the Sony blog. I'm particularly interested in the blog because I'm at a loss as to why Sony is not the great innovator in electronics it once was. Why has what was once an ailing computer company (Apple) become the leader in innovation in electronics? The idea of delivering music and web content on portable devices is not particularly special--most anyone could see that the industry should move in that direction. But Apple figured out how to do it right with the IPOD and IPhone.

Heather's blog has a great set of management book reviews. What a fine example of using a blog entry for research purposes.

I'll try to touch on a few more blogs later.


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