Thursday, June 28, 2007


Like many of my students I'm anticipating the holiday weekend. I hope to be kayaking some of Northern Michigan's rivers.

Before I go, I want to comment on some more of these blogs!

Irene has some interesting posts on Starbucks' growth in Asia.

Ashley has some fascinating info on hybrid cars, including some models sold overseas I wasn't aware of.

Brandon gives us a list of salaries in jobs college grads are pursuing.

Julie has several more articles on interviewing, including 17 ways to annoy an interviewer.

Kristin has a nice discussion of the National Organic Program for identifying truly organic foods.

Matt looks at mergers and buyouts among upscale retailers.

Brad continues his discussions of misleading rhetoric in politics and business.

Nick is investigating Christianity and environmentalism.

Paul has some great statistics from book publishing.

And Cory has a nice set of articles on how to market your small business.

Nice work gang!!


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