Monday, July 09, 2007

Back in Fort Wayne!

I'm back in the Fort, suntanned, and looking forward to student report projects!

My next big trip is Thursday July 19--I'm going with a colleague to Wrigley Field to watch the SF Giants play the Cubs.

Maybe I'll be lucky--Barry Bonds will hit the home run that breaks Aaron's record, and I'll be the lucky guy who catches it.

Back to student Blogs.

Mhariel has a couple of entries--one on the Live Earth concert, and another on batteries and battery recycling.

Brandon has some advice from on where to look for a job.

And Julie has a fine transcript of a speech her sister gave as St. Francis about job interviews.

Keep up the good blogging work!


Blogger pamela said...

i thought i would let you know that i just started reading 'against the day' and remembered that you were blogging your progress through it when i last encountered you on the web. it seems as though there are now a number of wiki and other commentaries available to enlighten the read but i have chosen yours to accompany me as i traverse. though you were a bit hard to find, i persevered, remembering only the format of your blog, till i found you again.

i needed to sign up here in order to begin to leave comments for you, which i will do when i have something insightful to say. this is my letter of introduction, a way of alerting you to my presense.


9:02 AM  
Blogger Stevens said...

Thanks Pamela! I look forward to your comments on the read!

10:49 AM  

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