Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Four More Reviews and a Warning

More student blogs!

Jen has set up a great blog on career women in the home. Neat design, lots of information. Her discussion of her sister, an executive with Vera Bradley, working from home after giving birth was very insightful. About the only thing the blog is missing: I couldn't find a blog title in the template!

Nick has a blog with some interesting information about global warming and the Kyoto treaty. Nick has switched subjects, and that's certainly permissible!

Heather has started a nice blog on advanced education, and the MBA. Only one post so far, though.

Ashley has a nice design for her blog on hybrid vehicles, but there aren't any posts!

Come on people--2-3 posts per week--I mean that. The blog is 20% of your final grade, so keep working the blogs!


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