Monday, October 02, 2006

Working in the Knowledge Economy

Familiarity with electronic tools, the ability to communicate in writing and in speech, the ability to think critically, the ability to work in teams, the ability to manage projects: these are all skill essential to survival in the new economy, what some have called the "knowledge economy." Blogging can be a useful skill for all of these things. Blogging requires you to practice your writing skills, and just like playing a musical instrument, with practice comes proficiency. Blogging should be a place where you think critically about what you read and research--that's what a research blog is all about. Blogging can be used by teams as a place to collaborate on projects, and to manage those projects. So I would argue that the blog, in one way or another, asks you to work on all of these essential skills.

Some more reviews: October 1, and still no entries:

The film research blog is starting to gain traction, but needs more entries, with more reflection:

Finally an entry in this blog, and its a good one--nice links, nice statistics. Pretty interesting information:

The GM blog is very interesting: However, considering the amount of news GM has recently generated, no entries in the last two weeks is disappointing to this reader, who is interested in the writer's take on all the news coming out of GM.


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