Friday, September 22, 2006

Sports, Ethics, Markets, the Modern, and the Post-Modern

I'm back reviewing blogs. Another blog which intends to study sports marketing: Unfortunately, nothing here other than a statement of purpose.

There is so much that can be talked about. Yesterday, Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Chicago White Sox baseball team, stated that he will voted for a mediocre player for the Golden Glove award for third base because he wants his player, Joe Crede, to win, and as a voter he isn't allowed to vote for his own player. While it is easy to pile on Ozzie, a guy who has a history of saying the politically incorrect, the practice he speaks about, casting votes in polls based on questionable reasons, is rampant. Evidence:The recent controversy regarding the vote in the College Football Coaches Poll by The Ohio State University's coach, Jim Tressel, who said he voted for a rival team, but actually didn't. Sport has become business, and like in business, the prevailing ethic seems to be one of expediency.

Its not just business. Unfortunately, an ethics of expediency seems to drive much of our actions in today's world. It runs throughout our culture, and a great deal of research has been done tracing the history of the spread of that ethic. I'm going to return to that subject as a research topic in this blog, just as my students blog on their own business subjects.

Here is another very fine blog, addressing a number of subjects, but in the most recent entry, looking at sports memorabilia: A great blog--with a decent number of entries, and nice use of photographs. I'd like the blogger to link to other websites on some of these stories.

Sports seems to be the them today, and the last blog I'm reviewing is also sports related--its about the bowling business: This blogger has made a very good start, but like many of the student blogs, this one needs more posts, and links to other voices on the subject.

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