Friday, September 15, 2006

25% Done!

Nervous at the thought we are now through 1/4 of this class? I am! Particularly when I see the state of some of these blogs!

Another good start, with nothing the last two weeks:

This next blog has only three posts (I would expect 6-8 by now), but they are great posts. The blogger is really using the blog as a research tool to investigate Careers in Accounting! A really fine beginning--just needs more content:

This next blogger has four entries, and they demonstrate nicely the blogger's struggles at finding a research project. It is clearly being used as a personal research tool:

While I wouldn't worry too much about grammar and mechanics issues in these research blogs, there is no reason they shouldn't be spell checked. You'll notice an arrow with "ABC" above it in the menu when you are typing your blog entries. If you click on that, a spell check will be performed.

You can also go back and edit a blog after it has been published. Just click the edit key beside the index of posts, then edit it. You must republish it for the changes to appear on your website.

Have a good weekend!


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