Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three More Reviews!

A good beginning here:
but not enough posts. I like how the blogger is using Wikipedia (
as an initial source for getting basic information. The Wiki website is not perfect, and I wouldn’t expect you to rely upon it. But it is generally as accurate as most printed encyclopedias, and has much more content. Once you have gathered background with Wikipedia, I would suggest you move to sources with more expertise to confirm what you learned, or to expand upon it. If you are wondering what to write about, this is a good process to follow!

A pretty good beginning here to a blog that discusses investing:
It nicely defines a number of terms important to the subject. The entries could be a bit more in-depth. I would like to see links to more information about these terms, which would also add credibility—in other words, it helps me know the author is reading and referencing material written by knowledgeable experts.

This marketing blog has a really cool entry on textbooks:
It also has a cool design. But no entries since August 25? That’s almost a month ago!!!!


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