Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All blogs have received one review!

As of this post, all student blogs have seen at least one review from me. After today, I will start a second round of reviews, beginning with those whose reviews are oldest.

Here is a great example of a fine blog:
Seven well-researched, detailed posts so-far, all on the subject of business ethics. I love the way this blogger is connecting to local and national stories that are in the news, and is addressing issues such as race, competition, the market system, and the way all these things intersect with ethics. It also makes great use of graphics and links. Really nice work!

This blog on the subject of Finance has some very preliminary entries, and nothing in the last two weeks:
Not so good.

However, it's better than the next link, which isn't working at all:
--either the blogger hasn't made a post, or else I still don't have a link. Not satisfactory!

A blog with a great topic--bilingualism and the use of Spanish in our economy:
Unfortunately, there's very little here other than a few questions.


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