Monday, September 25, 2006

Posting Routines

I finally think I've entered a pretty good routine on for this blog--its become part of my morning routine in the office. I'd love to figure a way to post on weekends, but considering my past performance, Monday through Friday will do nicely! And speaking of performance, this is week 6 of our class--you should have around nine solid entries by the end of the week.

Speaking of weekends--I watched Fox News Sunday yesterday, which is unusual because its not a show I ever pay attention to. However, the interview banter between former President Clinton and Chris Wallace was fascinating to watch. The former President was had his finger right in Wallace's face! There has been a lot of coverage of the interview, but if you can find a copy of the entire clip on the internet, let me know. It's worth watching again, no matter what your position on the war on terror.

Here is a great blog on the gambling industry: Seven solid posts so far, with lots of links. I used to live about 15 miles from the largest casino in North America (Foxwoods in Connecticut), and the stories of what some people will do to get the gambling rush are incredible. I guess I should stay away from my friendly convenience store/lotto agent!

Another blog with no content--

A good start here: These are very interesting entries on the Mountain Biking business, and the graphics are great. Obviously needs more entries, and could use some links, but it is a nice start.

Finally, a good concept--a blog about saving money on travel: A good beginning, but nothing the last two weeks.


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