Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We are in week nine!!!!!

The semester is now more than 50% over--and I'm concerned because I suspect a lot of students will be dumping a lot of entries into their blogs at the very end of class. That's no way to blog. It shows a lack of interest in creating a conversation with an audience. And audience is always the central consideration you should be thinking about in business writing!!!

Joseph's blog (http://accountingandfinance.blogspot.com/) on accounting and finance careers doesn't have that problem. He has been blogging regularly since September, has lots of detailed entries which could help a reader navigate the thickets of trying to figure the best ways to make your way in these professions!

The investing blog (http://investing-jbower01.blogspot.com/) has some great ideas, but could connect better to other research, and needs to be more regular. No entries in the last ten days!

And the business marketing forum (http://marketingfreespeechforum.blog.com/), despite a great design is a disaster. The last entry was in August.

Keep blogging!


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