Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Blogging

I rarely blog on Sundays, but this week has been so challenging to the schedule, I figure I need to get the routine started early this week.

While Jamen's corporate communication research blog( could use a few more entries, I like the way he is using EBSCO host and other databases to find academic sources to help him brainstorm the topic. One weakness of much business research I study is its neglect of work done in academia (just as a weakness in much academic research is that it doesn't spend enough time examining what is actually happening in he business world. ) Both fields could gain from some cross-pollination.

Amanda's blog ( has only one real entry, dated September 30. For bloggers to build an audience, bloggers need to post regularly!

The Bar, Restaurant, and Club Scene blog( is interesting in the variety and regularity of its posts! Everything from violence in clubs and bars, to the spinach scare, to HR problems. Nice work.


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