Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More on Entering the Knowledge Economy

A business group, primarily made up of HR types, released a new survey of employers discussing the preparation of graduates of high schools, two-year colleges, and four year colleges. This group, the Conference Board, found high school grads particularly poorly prepared. Graduates of four-year colleges were considered the best prepared in the survey. However, all the news wasn't good. While those surveyed admired the Information Technology skills of graduates of four-year schools, they found students deficient in three areas: (1) Written communications; (2) Writing in English; (3) Leadership. While I'm not sure how those surveyed differentiated between #1 and #2, its interesting to me that in at least two of the areas described in my last blog entry as essential to success in the knowledge economy(leading projects, writing), graduates were identified as deficient. A discussion fo the report can be found here:

As we go forward in our group project, we need to be conscious of the importance of improving our skills in these areas. This project is an opportunity for you to grow these skills!

Some more blog reviews: Wendy's blog (http://wendysresearch.blogspot.com/) just keeps getting better and better. She has developed her profile section, she is using lots of links and pictures effectively, and she seems to be using the blog to comment on business news she find's interesting. Maintaining this type of blog means you will never be short of research ideas.

JT (http://jt-businesswriting.blogspot.com/) is doing a pretty good job advocating for using the market to prepare yourself for retirement. Some good entries, and the blog is progressing. I would like to see more use of links, and perhaps some graphics could be used to make the argument about stock appreciation stronger.

Gilder( http://jobsinrestaurants.blogspot.com/). Only one entry--the blog needs attention!


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