Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Annotating and Blogging

I have suggested that blogs can become a way in which you engage with and respond to reading you do, particularly reading which is related to your research. There is an older tradition called annotating which does the same thing--here is a great web page I read on the subject today:

I'm continuing to review and give feedback for about three blogs a day.

Here is a blog that has been set up--but there is nothing there yet!--

We are nearly at the end of week 4---six to eight good posts on your subject is a goal you should be trying to meet!!!!

Here is a great blog on global communication--definitely keeping up with the schedule, though I would like to see a little more depth of commentary. See me, and I will show you how to past web links into your blog so people can click on them, and go directly to the site.

A great title for a blog here, a nice template, but no content!!! Get to it!:

A fine beginning on a blog devoted to the law.


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