Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to the Blogs!

It's been more than a month since I finished blogging--my research methods class finished also. I was really, really happy with the research projects done in the class--some very interesting work! You never know in this class what you will get as a final product--I wasn't disappointed!

My one disappointment in the class was that I did have to fail two students. I always feel as if the failure is partly mine when a student fails (an attitude I developed as a military instructor), but there is not much you can do when the student just disappears from class. That doesn't happen much in the military--the penalties for going AWOL are a bit more severe than an "F" grade!!!!

My summer online course is W331, Business and Administrative writing, and my students are already setting up their blogs for the course. Already some interesting topics--ethanol, fashion design, advertising.

As usual, I'll blog alongside my students. I think my topic, given the political season, will be political blogs and websites. I'll link to some of my favorite political websites and blogs, and give you my review of them.

Sunny Day!!!!!


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