Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who is Roger Amidon, I

All of the Amidons in Frank Best's 1904 genealogy are said to be descended from Phillip Amidon, son of Roger Amidon and his second wife Joanna Harwood. However, Roger had five children, with his first wife Sarah, a son Ebenezer born 1638 in Salem, Massachusetts; a daughter Sarah, born 1640 in Weymouth, Massachusetts; and daughters Lydia, Mary, and Hannah, all born between 1642 and 1666 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts where Sarah died in 1666. Records of these births were probably lost when Rehoboth was burned in 1675 during King Phillip's War.

Interestingly enough Roger had some other descendents through his daughters, including Mary. Mary married John Johnson on 15 December 1665. They moved to Westerly, RI, a town I lived in for nearly 20 years! They had 4 children, Mary b. 1675, probably in Rehoboth; Joseph b. 1677 in Rehoboth; Jonah b. 1682/1683 in Westerly; and John b. 1684 in Westerly died 1733.

John Worrell Johnson died in Westerly in 1702. His wife mary Amidon Johnson died in Westerly in 1703.

Their son Joseph Johnson married a Sarah Dolliver, and had a number of descendents.

This research is all unverified, off the New England genealogical web. I need to go back to the historical room at the Westerly Public Library (shown above) and verify this data.


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