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I've suspected for a long time that Roger Amidon was an indentured servant, given the fact that he first appears on the rolls of Salem, Massachusetts in 1633, but doesn't appear on a manifest of ship's passengers. As many as half of the passengers on these early ships were indentured for some reason, and often weren't listed on the ship's manifest.

Here is a record from Plymouth Colony records which, while not confirming my theory, might strengthen it:

June 3, 1662; PCR 4: 18:

Captaine Willett is appointed by the Court to purchase the lands of the Indians which is graunted vnto such that were servants and others that are ancient freemen, which they thinkes meet to add to them to haue enterest in the said graunt, the tenure wherof is extant in the x of the Court. It was further graunted by this Court, that the abousaid servants and ancient freemen shall haue libertie.incase they can not procure Saconett Necke according to the x graunt, to looke out some other place, vndisposed of, for theire accomodation.

Theire names are as followeth: James Cole, Senir, William Merricke, john Hanmore, Gorg Partrich, Nicholas Wade, Josepth Beedle, Thomas William, John Rouse, Richard Bishop, Abraham Sampson. Gorge Vicorey, John Vobes, samuell Chandeler, John Irish, Roger Annadowne, Petter Collymore, William Sherman, John Haward, Wwalter Woodworth, Thomas Pope, John Smaley, Richard Beare, William Tubbs, William Shirtliffe. Richard xas an ancient freeman, Josias Cooke as a servant andd as an x freeman, John x, Senir, as an ancient freeman and as a servant.

Josias Cooke and John Was x are to bee considered with a x portion in reference to the condition abouemensioned, as being both ancient freemen and servants.


Blogger Phil Dickinson said...

My wife Mary is an Amidon, and I also have thought that Roger was an indentured servant who arrived in Massachusetts around the time of Endecott's company. I had not seen evidence of it, though, until I googled your post. His trade as a shipwright seems consistent with the servitude. Are you descended through Andrew John Amidon from Russell and Ralph? We have to go back to Philip for a common ancestor for you and Mary. She is descended from Philip's son Henry by his first marriage.

Philip Dickinson

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