Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three more blogs, and a slide show!

Lee's blog on GM has some really detailed entries and nice graphics and design. Very high quality, though he has less than half the posts he should. His last two entries do I nice job giving us some historical background about the company.

Jill's blog on media influence on youth has six entries with some very good reflection and analysis. I'd like to see a few more links with articles and examples.

Jeff's blog on financial matters has seven entries--he is doing a good job. Yesterday's entry talked about the Fed's move to lower interest rates.
It's interesting--it will help the housing market, and probably improve the value of my 401K. On the other hand, will it drive the value of the dollar lower, thereby driving the price of imported oil and manufactured products even higher?

On my own research topic, MSNBC has a nice post on the return of nuclear power and a fine historical slide show on the subject:


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