Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogging and World English

Back to the blogs, and all three blogs I reviewed today are in pretty good shape. After four weeks of blogging I'd like to see 8-12 entries, and none of today's bloggers are that far along, But they all have good beginnings!

Dan's blog has 5 solid entries so far, all about the music industry. Today's entry addressed the competition between Kanye West and 5o cent--and Dan wonders whether if the latter's threat to quit is just a sales gimmick. So far, both albums are selling well, though Dan says West is slightly ahead.

Carly's blog has five entries on the health care industry. It sounds like a dry subject, but Carly is doping a nice job using visuals and links to other sites to make the blog interesting--it's a very appealing blog, visually! By the way, Hilary Clinton announced her new health care plan today.

Finally, Alec's blog on video games is very interesting. He need more posts, as does almost everyone! But the numbers he has on video gaming are very informative!

Today I'm thinking about 'world' or 'international English.' This is the idea that those of us who write documents or speak with an international audience, many who are second language learners, we should simplify the vocabulary and our grammar to make understanding a simpler task. Amazing, how a little language descended from Old Norse and other Germanic dialects should become THE language of the World!


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