Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Empowering Students through Blogging

I just finished reading a draft of a graduate thesis where one of our students here makes a compelling case for teaching the Multi-Genre Resaerch paper (MGRP) in the composition classroom.

While I don't expect readers of this blog to know anything about MGRPs, what they basically aim to do is to allow writers to develop their own identity as writers in an academic space, by allowing them to begin writing in genres they are comfortable in, genres they can identify with and own, and then move to more formal, academic genres. Here is a link to a high school site advocating their use--

On the bottom right hand side of this blog you will see links to blogs students have started for this class.

It is my hope that students will use these blogs to experiment in a similar way to the MGRP--to explore a subject in their own voice, but to gradually connect to other voices, and to gradually become more "business like" in their blogging. I want students to own these blogs, and to engage with the idea of writing in a public space.

Miss Julie's blog ( explores interviewing, and the preparationss one should make before meeting with a corporate recruiter. I find this a very interesting topic to explore.

Mhariel's blog ( is devoted to business writing. That is a very big subject, and I expect Mhariel will narrow the topic of her blog as she continues to write.

Matt's blog ( ) is examining luxury retailing, so far from an investment point-of-view.

All three bloggers should work on establishing a voice, finding links to other sources. Matt did a nice job of incorporating a graphic into his blog.

Keep up the good work!


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