Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chapter 57: Cyprian's Quest

Theign sends Cyprian and Bevis Mositleigh into the Balkans, in response to the Bosnian crisis—Austria-Hungary declared their intention to annex Bosnia permanently, which upsets the Serbs, the Russians, and the Turks.

Who does Theign serve? It seems as though his allegiance may be as much to Austria as to Britain, or more likely, to Theign himself.

The name seems related to the Anglo-Saxon Thegn, or soldier, who became the Thane, or leader of a hundred.

Cyprian puts Yashmeen, who is being pursued as a “Judensau” (807) or Jewish pig/sow, describing the emerging anti-Semitic fever which culminated in the holocaust, under the protection of Vlado Clissan, a Balkan pirate.


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