Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chapter 47: Bigfoot, Meet Nessie!

Reef is blasting tunnels in the Alps.

A comparison is made between Albanian vendettas and the Traverse-Vibe feud.

The mines are threatened by creatures of the mountains, a kind of Bigfoot-Snake, the Tatzelwurm. Here is a great variation on an old Freudian joke:

“It is comforting to imagine this as an outward and visible manifestation of something else,” chuckled one of the Austrians puffing on a cigar stub. “But sometimes a Tatzwelwurm is only a Tatzelwurm” (655).

We learn Vibe is in Europe, and once again, Reef is in a tryst with Rupert Chirpingdon-Groin. A presence, perhaps Webb’s ghost, or some spectre of international socialism, urges Reef to renew the vendetta and hunt down Vibe.


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