Friday, March 16, 2007

Chapter 48: Fathers, fathers, fathers

Kit and Yashmeen visiting the mathematician Riemann’s grave.

Yashmeen tells an interesting story of her childhood in Russia, about strniki, underground men who had once been fathers, husbands, ordinary who simply walked away from their lives to become holy men.

Yashmeen’s father is near Shambala? The holy city?

Yashmeen sees her own exile from Gottingen, holy city of mathematics, in a similar light.

Kit and Reef are reunited in a Swiss Spa near the Italian border. Reef wants Kit to join him in hunting down Scarsdale vibe. For guidance, they attend a séance. Reef goes under, and channels Webb.

Kit desired to speak to his father, who “must use the stripped and dismal metonymies of the dead” (674).

Kit is off to Venice, with Reef, to avenge the father’s death. Yashmeen is off to Vienna and Budapest, subject for some research, perhaps Freudian, her own Electra complex to deconstruct.


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