Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chapter 52: Soaking Up the Past

Here we find Kit and Reef plotting an assassination of Scarsdale Vibe.

Hoosier reference—as Vibe continues his trip collecting/pillaging Italian art, he has Foley sing “‘On the banks of the Wabash, Far Away’ to a sacristan who might have been insane” (725).

Meanwhile, Kit reunites with Dally, and Reef is back entwined with Ruperta. Dally is staying with the Princess Sponggiatosta. Great Pynchonian name—a Princess, a sponge is the animal on the coat of arms.

Sponge metaphor—soaking up the past again—we of the futurity?

After a botched assassination attempt, not by Reef and Kit, but by the anarchist Tancredi, it appears Vibe has had the boys under surveillance. Tancredi, who may be named after a time traveler in the Brit Sci-Fi series Dr. Who, may be a sacrificial lamb—or do the boys simply live charmed lives?

Kit and Reef split—on bad terms. Reef, convinced Kit never really wanted to assassinate Vibe.


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