Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chapter 43: On Her Majesty's (Secret?) Service

Lew Basnight, working for both T.W.I.T. and in an unofficial arrangement with the British police is investigating Lamont Replevin, an antiques dealer who may have the mysterious map to Shambala, the one that must be read through a piece of Iceland Spar.

Lew learns about the map from the Grand Cohen, so it appears T.W.I.T. is working with the government,

Replevin is a “Gas-head,” sort of an addict who communicates via a network of gas mains. This Victorian Internet is quite the yuk, as is the T.W.I.T. buffet consumed by the police captain. I laughed especially hard at the idea of vegetarian haggis.

The gas network is reminiscent of the séance and devotees to the sensitive flame in GR.

Lew photographs Replevin’s home, and it appears the map may be there.


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