Friday, September 01, 2006

Hiring/Firing/Resigning-Lessons from Guy with the Weird Hair

While we are in the unit in this writing class which addresses employment communication, I'd like to take a minute to talk about a subject rarely discussed: how to handle the communication involved when an employee leaves.

Looking at Ober's massive textbook, Contemporary Business Communication, 5th Edition, I find it interesting that he devotes almost 60 pages to the subject of employment communication, but doesn't say a word about how to effectively communicate when ending an employment relationship.

I raise this issue because today Donald Trump's company announced that he had fired his longtime assistant, Carolyn Kepcher ( . The link reports that the New York Post "attributed Kepcher's firing to excessive self-promotion as a star at the expense of her performance at her day job, an account echoed for The Associated Press by a person close to the situation."

I don't know about you, but those rumors are bad for both Trump and Kepcher. Bad for Kepcher, because it questions her commitment to an organization, and bad for Trump becauses he has lost an employee who many people admired for her ability to break through the glass ceiling, and for her dynamic communication skills which she demonstrated on The Apprentice. The fact that Trump has replaced her on the show with his children reeks of nepotism, and only makes the matter worse. I wonder what this will cost the show in terms of ratings.

What steps could Trump and Kepcher taken to prevent this bad publicity?

On another topic, I've begun reviewing student blogs. Almost all of the student blogs from section 1 are up and running. However, about half the links for students in Section 2 don't work. If your link doesn't work, tell me how to fix it!!!

Ravus Blog ( is a good example of a student who is unsure what topic he wants to explore, yet is using the blog to try to answer that question.


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