Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proposals, Proposals, Proposals

Back from conference, back to blogging.

I'm really happy about the responses to my post about the research methods text. We are going to do it, and hopefully we can come up with some really good "hands-on" activities that can make this course more interesting!

Sirc's blog emphasized the need for more activity of this type:


A great resource for those of you doing academic research--a workshop on writing an effective academic proposal.

Helm and Ty's Daddy have had to leave class--Helm has moved to Colorado, and Ty's Daddy has a new job. Both are going to finish the class as independent study, and both are still blogging.

Ty's Daddy is actively blogging about his project and interests: he appreciates your feedback!


Helm hasn't posted anything new yet: http://11806confession.blogspot.com/

Jaron is among our most active bloggers:




Blogger Sirc said...

What is also interesting is how Pearl Jam beat the bootleggers. Ever since the early 1990's there have been thousands of Pearl Jam shows bootlegged because the band allows anyone to bring in a tape recorder, much like what the Greatfull Dead did. Because it was getting out of hand, the band decided to release every single one of thier shows on CD from 2000 and on. Their reason for this was why should someone else get money for producing a "crappy" recording of their shows. Instead, they'll put out the shows in a better recording and the band keeps the revenue. Something like this could potentially backfire because of over saturation of the market but for Pearl Jam it worked. In 2000 five of the concerts were in Billboards top 25. The first band ever to have 5 albums at once. Now, they have gone to their own i-tunes type of thing from their site which is even more successful. I thought this was something interesting to note since in todays age it is almost impossible to start and sustain a successful recording career.

1:37 PM  
Blogger helm said...

It is April 2nd and I am back to Blogging.
I've posted a couple short Bloggs.

4:15 PM  
Blogger helm said...

I also have a lengthy Blog but it is not ready to publish.

4:16 PM  

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