Monday, October 01, 2007

A Rickover Medal, and Some Blogs

Here is an interesting collector's medal that was listed on E-Bay!

Today's blog comments:

Harris has an interesting blog on soccer. His latest post, on the financial surrounding the latest World Cup in Germany is very well done. It also has some visual interest. At nine entries, it appears Harris is just outside of the normal posting range (you should have had 10-15 posts by the end of last week). However, His nine posts were done on just three separate days--that's not the type of regular consistent blogging practice I'm looking for.

Lucas' blog on the NBA developmental league and the new Fort Wayne team the Mad Ants is very interesting. He's made a link to the new team president's blog, and he has made eleven posts so far. Good work. I like his post on the history of the guy they selected to manage the team.

Conor's blog has a really interesting subject--he is investigating the relationship between blogs and the mainstream media. Unfortunately, he only has four posts so far, and none in the past two weeks.


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