Monday, September 24, 2007

More Blogs

Monday--back to work!!

William has just started with his blog, so he has a ways to go. However, he is looking at the link between the real estate market and the economy, which is fascinating. Given the housing mess, will it push the economy into recession? Will Americans keep spending if they can't finance that spending with second mortgages?

Tim's blog has ten entries so far, and I really like the way he uses links in the text of his blog! He is focusing on subprime lending mess, which is a critically important subject, and a very complicated one. Will Countrywide survive? How badly have banks and investment firms been hurt? When will we know the truth about how big this mess is?

Patrick's blog, with seven entries, is just a bit shy of where he should be. I love the topic of Beckham and soccer. When I was in Scotland, I used to collect the insignia of the Scottish Premiere League teams!!!!


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