Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chapter 38: Mayo!

With the completion of this chapter I’m now half-way through the novel. It’s been three months since the book was released, so it looks like it will take me until nearly the end of May to complete the project. So I have underestimated this project by about 50%.
Some of that delay is due to the demands of my new job, so I’m not too disappointed with the pace of the project.

Chapter 38 will probably be forever known as the Mayonaisse chapter, as an agent of some mysterious cabal by the name of Pleiade Lafriskee attempts to drown Kit in a sea of Mayonnaise in West Flanders.

Plenty of humor here, including line where Kit amazingly confuses La Mayonnaise with La Marseilles. There are also new characters—a convention of Quaternion mathematicians, including a beautiful one named Kimura Tsurigane. One figures somehow that Kit. Kimura, and Yashmeen will all be entertwined in some sort of plot, if you know what I mean.

There is also a group of Belgium nihilist/anarchists who rescue Kit from the Mayo: Eugenie, Fatou, Denis, and Policarpe.

Also an interesting scene in which the previously referenced Dr. V. Ganesh Rao combines Quaternion vectors with Yogic body movements to Bilocate from the convention floor to the convention, where he emerges, physically changed, “with his foot in a tub of mayonnaise” (539). Ah, simple pleasures!


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