Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chapter 36: Meet Yashmeen

This chapter returns to London, and T.W.I.T., but this time the focus isn’t on Nigel and Neville, or Lew Basnight, but instead on Yashmeen Halfcourt. Lesbian, lover of Riemann mathematics, adored by Cyprian Lakewood, whose own sexuality is confused.

The reference here is to St. Cyprian, saint of self-denial and fidelity. Also noteworthy for his famous admonition that “outside the church there is no salvation.

By the end of the chapter Yashmeen is off to Gottingen to study mathematics, and we expect that a meeting with Kit Traverse is in the cards. We wonder if she also might be used by Professor Renfrew to somehow inflict revenge on his adversary, Werfner.


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