Friday, February 09, 2007

Chapter 35: Deuce, Chased by Furies

Continuing the revenge tale, we return to Deuce and Lake. Deuce is beginning to realize that his life is becoming one big exercise in contrition—he is slowly trying to win Lake’s forgiveness for the murder of her father—the unspoken topic between them.

In Wall ‘O \Death, Missouri, “ a sacred ruin” to “motorcycling pilgrims” (476), Deuce is mistakenly appointed as a deputy peace officer. He gets the message, via telegraph ticker, of Sloat’s murder. Lake seems almost relieved at the news, and Deuce angrily splits.

When he finally returns, she resumes her role: “the angel o’ damn mercy’s going to change him” (482). Deuce continues to beg for a mercy she won’t grant, but at some point Deuce feels as if he is no longer pursued by Furies. This leads Deuce to another move—he wants a baby, because, in his eyes and Lake’s astonished words, “We owe Webb Traverse, deceased, a baby” (486).

This can’t end well!


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