Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chapter 30: The Chums and the Amazing Time Machine

My Columbian Exposition medal appears again in this chapter.

I was wrong—this is not the last chapter in “Iceland Spar.” There are two, both returning to the Chums narrative. In this case, the boys receive another “message” from the hierarchy (seems a lot like “them” in GR), in this case delivered by an urchin, one Plug Loafsley, who runs a gang of urchins and a child brothel. Plug leads the boys to a time machine, a contraption operated by one Dr. Zoot. Zoot acquired it from one Alonzo Meatman, a dangerous and unsavory character. It was acquired at “Candlebrow U., institute of higher learning out there in the distant heart of the republic” (405).

Again we see the gates of hell, complete with Dante’s injunction. We also meet one of Pynchon’s nymphettes—one Angela Grace (Angel of Grace).

I seem to be reviewing slower than planned. Probably be summer before I finish.

In the meantime--Go Colts! Go Coach Dungy!


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