Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chapter 26: The Tale takes a German Turn

Chapter 26 returns to events in the life of the youngest of the Traverse brothers, Kit. Kit is in a bit of a crisis following the death of his mentor Gibbs ( Gibbs work in Entropy seems to connect to some of Pynchon’s earliest work, both V. and the short story “Entropy.” At the same time, he learns of his father’s desk.
In his crisis, which the narrator ascribes to “Eigenheit theory—vectors right in the heart and soul of it all” (324) The German word means “ownness,” something Kit, a slave to Vibe’s capitalism, lacks. It also seems related to the mathematical concept of Eigenvalue ( There is also the character Dudley Eigenvalue in V.

Kit turns to Professor Vanderjuice, mentor of the Chums for advice, Venderjuice suggests that Kit study in Gottingen, Germany. Kit works with Vanderjuice to manipulate Vibe to allow such a move, but by the end of the chapter we wonder who is manipulating who. The earlier hint that Scarsdale Vibe has sexual designs on young Traverse seems to be confirmed. Foley, the other Vibe, had “learned not to disrespect another man’s longing” 334).

Vibe’s designs on Kit seem quite nefarious. Foley muses “It wasn’t enough to have an enemy murdered., but he must corrupt the victim’s children as well. Lake and Kit are already under Vibe’s influence. How long before Reef and Frank follow?


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