Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last Reviews

The last four reviews of class blogs.

The blog on Spanish in the Business World ( needs work. Only four brief entries. No links, no real reflection. The blogger asks some good questions, but I'd think the blogger could have found some answers in the time since the last post (September 22!).

Interesting posts on the Careers in Accounting blog (, but no posts since October 18th, and only two posts at this point in the semester (week 11!) just doesn't hack it.

Another fine design, with interesting ideas at Michael's Business Finance blog ( But only four posts, and none since October 16 is unsatisfactory.

Amy's blog on Business Ethics( It has great posts, great links, and she posts regularly to maintain a connection with her audience.

Cars and More ( is another great blog. It nicely covers the automobile business, and uses links and visuals. Nice work!

Two blogs that would receive good grades at this point, three that would receive failing grades.

I'm concerned that so many students seem to be virtually ignoring the blogging assignment. It is worth 15% of the grade, and while students with bad blogs can still pass the assignment if they start blogging regularly, they are running out of time. Since I will be grading on the frequency of blogs, the quality of the posts, and the use of the blog as a research tool, many students are running out of time. Large gaps in a blogs posting frequency will hurt the grade--after all, how can a reader connect with a blog if the blogger doesn't post on a regular basis?

This is the last day I will make comments on student blogs. Review my previous posts for examples and characteristics of good blogs, and not-so-good blogs.


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