Monday, February 20, 2006

A Writer's Blog

I've been thinking a lot about how a blog can serve a writer's needs. I've found one by a working writer. She's a good example for us, because she has work in (1) poetry, (2) fiction, (3) memoir, (4) magazine journalism, (5) politics (which permeates evertything!) and (6) academic theory. She is also a friend of mine-one of the core faculty when I received my MFA at Goddard College. Jan Clausen is an amazing writer, and person. Enjoy:

I've been looking at student blogs again.

Steve has two projects worthy of serious research-(1) RFID identification and (2) Podcasting, the audio form of blogging. Great work! :

Helm has both a manifesto-like poem and a philosophical discussion related to his ontology project. Powerful!

Deanna has a fine discussion of Chapter 1 of the text, and another take on what it means to be both "inside" and "outside" a culture:

C.E. has some great thoughts on the difficulties many of us have accessing empirical data:

C625 is using quantitaitive and other empirical methods in research. Some interesting discussion on the project:

Remember to read Chapter 5 of the textbook--we will be discussing it Tuesday.


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