Monday, August 20, 2012

We Begin Again!

Multiple binaries: that's what we face when we discuss research methods:

1. Empirical research versus Lore
2. Empirical Research versus Library Research
3. Qualitative versus Quantitative
4. Library versus Field
5. Descriptive versus Experimental
6. Action Research versus typical Academic Research

By exploring the "excluded middles" these binaries create, I hope we can discover some useful ways to think about research in our own lives as professional writers!


Blogger Laura said...

We talked about binaries in Dr. Cain's class (Writers Reading) last fall. In that case it was academic oppositions: intellect vs. emotion, knowledge vs. experience, objectivity vs. subjectivity; and identity oppositions: adult vs. child, male vs. female, leader vs. follower. Interesting to have the subject of binaries come up again. That's what I'm enjoying so much about my Liberal Studies program--the interconnectedness of it all.

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