Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ancient Rhetorics Parallel--Late 1/11/11

Steve Amidon
The BYU website has great resources for thsi class!
Rhetorical Pedagogy: progymnasmata rhetoric.byu.edu
A set of rudimentary exercises intended to prepare students of rhetoric for the creation and performance of complete practice orations (gymnasmata or declamations). A crucial component of classical and renaissance rhetorical pedagogy. Many progymnasmata exercises

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Matthew Willits I think it's a great idea. Way better than a listserv.
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Shem Hinkle I agree.
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Melissa Hirsch ditto!
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Andrew N Johnson
My favorite oxymoron: Jumbo Shrimp.

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Shem Hinkle I like "almost pregnant and "almost safe" Lol. these are accurate estimations, of course.
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Melissa Hirsch Really? How does one become "almost pregnant?" Just curious. :)
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Melissa Hirsch
Here's alliteration used as a tongue twister, too! :)Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?

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Melissa Hirsch
I never could figure out why it was called the "Great Depression." My favorite oxymoron, though, is something I always say: seriously funny! Now, I'm going to be self-conscious about it! :)

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Shem Hinkle
Not sure i know how to do this, but here it goes...Before being a bold or bashful being, before being bombarded with boring bouts of banal business, before bashing bitter blight, before breaking boundaries between best buddies, before browbeating blood belief, before biddable background of bitterness and bliss, before being blinded, blind-sided, blind-spotted, blind-dated or begotten is to be born.

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You like this.

Melissa Hirsch Nice, Shem!
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Tricia Day
My daughter just said this the other day- "She is pretty ugly"

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Matthew Willits I actually heard that one in a joke book I had as a kid.
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Matthew Willits Girl: "Some of my friends say I'm pretty, and some of them say I'm ugly. What do you think." Her friend says, "I agree with both of them. You're pretty ugly."
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Steve Amidon
When reading the fables, look for examples of the figures of narration and figures of description discussed here!
progymnasmata: fable rhetoric.byu.edu
Students were given a fable, typically one of Aesop's, which they would amplify and abbreviate. Or, they would write a new fable in close imitation of Aesop. It was specifically recommended that students turn indirect discourse into direct discourse. Example


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