Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chapter 66: Frank Sees the Light!

We’re back to Frank’s story.

In Mexico, Frank seems to be enduring one Mexican Revolution after another. After deposing the tyrant Diaz in 1911, Madero didn’t enact the land reforms, and seems to have betrayed the Anarchist’s cause. Soon the Vazquistas and the Orozquistas are challenging the Madero regime, and Frank takes up with the latter, who are defated by the murderous General Huerta.

Franks turns to working for his friend, Gunther von Quassel at the latter’s coffee plantation in Chiapas. The mysterious Cucuji beetle, noted for its bioluminescence, is revered by the natives, and “Frank came to understand this bearer of light was his soul” (991).

Frank finally gets disgusted with Mexico and heads back to Colorado where there is a reunion with Ewball Oust, who tells Frank about the end of Ewball’s relationship with Stray: “She’s all yours, pardner…She always was” (997). He learns Mayva is there too, so yet another reunion, another lurch towards a happy ending.


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