Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chapter 20: Shin, The Eternal Flame

Chapter 20 sees Nigel and Neville taking Lew to visit the mysterious Dr. Coomb de Bottle, doing “military”. We hear the story of the “Gentleman Bomber of Headingly,” (236) another terrorist whose bombs are disguised as cricket balls. The purpose of the visit is to acquire Cyclomite, the explosive ingredient to which Lew has become addicted.

Later he visits Renfrew, who tries to recruit him to capture the bomber.

At the end of the chapter, as Lew speculates about being a “double agent,” we find that “Lew swore he could hear an invisible roomful of laughter, and some applause as well” (242).

The connection to the Hebrew letter Shin, and Spock’s sign (Nimoy is Jewish) for “Live Long and Proseper in Star Trek, is obvious.


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