Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chapter 17: A Trip to Nevada

Chapter 17 follows Webb’s sons Reef and Frank to Nochecita, Nevada, where Reef is hooking up with his girl, Estrella “Stray” Briggs, or more properly, begging for forgiveness after their last fight. Stray is also pregnant, and lives with her girlfriend
Sage, who is being pursued by her ex- boy-friend Cooper, a kind of singing cowboy, as well as her Mormon ex-foster parents. Quite a complicated life for two dancegirls who lived above a gambling saloon.

Frank meets the next-door neighbor, Linnet Dawes, who seems somehow important, even if all they do is shuck peas together.

By the end of the chapter they have learned of their father’s abduction, and the Hamlet-like revenge tale seems on its way. Yet another genre--Shakespeare meets Charles Bronson.


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